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The Greatest Baseball Rivalry

Rivalries are always better when you win, so it’s easy to say after last
night’s game the San Francisco versus Los Angeles is the best in the
league. Removing the fact that I was pretty much born wearing a Giants
outfit on, and come from a religious background that emphatically
states, “love thy neighbor, unless they’re a Dodger fan,” the Giants and
Dodgers had an epic battle that only they could last night. If you saw
last night’s game you would agree, it was pure hostile warfare with so
much belligerency that every other “rivalry” in the league look like
kids in a friendly game of tug-o-war.

Half a step towards the mound, or half a second longer during one of the
glaring stares from the dugout of either side, and Tuesday’s game could
have resulted in a bench clearing brawl that would have been compared
only to that legendary and gruesome Anchor Man battle. Only in baseball,
if someone loses an arm it would be detrimental to their career.

Thankfully, for the players things didn’t get to the point of fisticuffs
and a few “accidental” bean balls and some un-pleasantries between the
squads was all that came of it.

Big Time Timmy Jim may have not been able to hit the strike zone but he
sure found it easy to hit Dodger slugger Matt Kemp with an out of
control fast ball in the 5th inning. Of course this was just a small part of the craziness that reignited the fire that will fuel these teams towards one of the most exciting playoff runs in the league this year.

Bochy once again comes up big, this time with knowledge of the rule book, by calling out Don Mattingly, the third manager in line last night, for turning back to the mound. Making it two visits in the inning, the Dodgers had to take out their closer and the Giants offense came up big. Andres Torres doubled to give the Giants the lead, and Buster Posey who is on a tear this month as I mentioned on the Eastbay Blog, added insurance with a single.

Bochy should have gained some respect from Giants fans last night, but since he was never a Giants player, nobody will give him credit. Buster Posey has upped his hit streak to 14 games. Second place is only temporary, we’re headed for first.

Outlook: There is STILL no better team to hate than the Dodgers.