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Giants Pitching is Back, Will the “D-Train” Derail it?

Is the starting rotation back?

A day after Big Time Timmy Jim throws a complete game shutout against the Mets, Barry Zito goes out and tosses a two hitter. Barry’s eight innings, as usual under Bochy’s reign, ended prematurely. Zito’s night ended at 112 pitches after the eighth inning despite only giving up two hits.

With only a one run lead though, we can give Bochy credit this time for making the right decision. Besides, who doesn’t want to see Brian Wilson come in and make things exciting for the last inning.

So with back-to-back big games from the starters, the Giants pitching staff is steadily dropping their ERA this month. Although through Friday the 3.24 team ERA isn’t quite as the dominating 2.75 that started off the season in the month of April.

One peculiar note from the view of The Sixth Starter, is the recent signing of Dontrelle Willis. Sure, “D-Train” is capable of big things, but youngster Madison Bumgarner has the lowest ERA of all the Giants starters this month. His spot as the fifth starter shouldn’t be in question. So that means management is eying the struggling Jonathan Sanchez.

As for Dontrelle, he may have seen his struggles over the last few years, but Willis is a Bay Area native, born in Oakland, and local guys can sometimes find themselves again when returning to their roots. Add to that the Giants pitching coaches abilities to spot mechanical flaws in a pitchers movements, and the D-Train might not feel so derailed anymore. As a matter of fact it could be one of the better signings the management has pulled off in recent years.

Outlook: Despite the Giants pitching appearing to be in top form, Buster Posey is single-handedly stealing the show with a .479 average and .938 slugging percentage this month. Well, except for tonight, because former and forever Giant Bengie Molina hit for the cycle and hit a grand slam, the first catcher to ever do both in a game.