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Brian Wilson’s Customized Nike Cleats

Brian Wilson, was given some Nike cleats as a gift for being voted onto the National All Star team. The catch, apparently he was unaware of.

B-Weezy (does anyone call him that anymore?) was fined for being a little too orange on Tuesday night. The rule states that you have to have at least 50% of your team’s main color, which apparently if you are the Giants is…black?

brian-wilson-sharpies-his-nikes.jpgAccording to Major League Baseball it is, so Wilson spent his pre-game prepping his previously bright orange Nike Air Max Diamond Elite with a Sharpie (or a few is more like it). His penmanship seems to look alright, but it didn’t fare so well for his fastball, as Wilson was handed just his third blown save in 33 attempts on Wednesday by the Marlins, and specifically Dan Uggla, who has been connecting like he’s playing tee ball in this series.

Thankfully for Wilson, Andres Torres was on fire today, and drove in the winning run in the 10th inning. The Giants finished with 17 hits, and despite giving up a 9-2 lead, it’s one of those days where the good old saying “a win’s a win” is surely true.

When you’ve won 17 out of the last 21, sometimes those kind of wins just happen.

Outlook: Always carry a Sharpie because, as a Giants fan especially, you never know when you might receive a bright orange gift.

Check out my article on the Eastbay Blog to see what Wilson’s Nike cleats originally looked like.

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