Bengie Molina sent to the Texas Rangers

With the news that Bengie Molina (LA Times) has been sent to the Texas Rangers, it’s fairly certain that Buster Posey will become the everyday catcher. Posey has consistently vocalized that’s where he’d prefer to be, although it seems a quick glance at the way Bruce Bochy approaches the mound would deter any young player from choosing to be behind the plate rather than at first place. Then again, catchers will be catchers. That’s why we love them.

For the Giants, this trade will fail at attempting to solve two problems. The first is the inconsistency in the batting order. Now that Molina is out of there (aside from him being missed dearly by fans), Posey will get some consistent playing time and not have to compete with Pablo Sandoval for time at first base, but any consistency that might allow the team to feel comfortable in some kind of lineup will likely be botched by Bochy.

The second issue that this trade doesn’t fix is the struggles of most of the bullpen. Chris Ray and a player to be named later? Ray will fit into the average at best performing bullpen like a glove. Perhaps the Giants were impressed that his ERA is a respectable 3.41 (down from his career 4.00), but they obviously overlooked the fact that he has 16 strikeouts and 16 walks so far this season. At least we can count on there never being a lack of tension in the late innings right?

Outlook: Hopefully Posey got the most of his time under the guidance of Molina, because if there wasn’t any salary cap room freed up in this trade, the Giants are going to need a lot more from Buster at the plate as the season continues.

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